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Blog Review: “There’s always a reason to bake!”

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theres_always_a_reason_to_bake Now back from my trip to Europe and a short sojourn in Paris; I’ve found its time to come to grips with one of my secret loves…desserts.  So after returning back to Toronto from one of the cake/pastry/candy/chocolate centres of the world I find myself looking for more recipes online and checking out the world of food blogs.  Today’s blog makes my mouth water – ’cause there’s cupcakes of course!  Its a relatively new blog written by author Wendy Paul and has great tips on why your cupcakes are not as perfect as hers (certainly mine aren’t).  Its a Blogger based backend and her theme expertly exudes the fun and sweetness of what I imagine a 50s style bakery would look like.


Getting ready for Snow Leopard

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In the last year something has happened that I would have never imagined – I have become a Mac User.  Not just a person who uses a mac, I’ve been on and off the mac operating system as a matter of necessity for over 10 years now.  However over the last year I’ve been finding that work wise my MacBook has been what I have been relying on more to get the job done on a daily basis.  With the newest version of the Mac OS available, I’ve been checking out what needs to be done housekeeping-wise to transfer to Snow Leopard.

Tuaw has a great article on tips on things to do before making the move to upgrade.