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As you can see by my sidebar, I took a break from blogging for….well almost 4 years. Why? Partly nothing to say, other part pure laziness. This time around I’m determined to use some of the fantastic tools out there to make the whole process less of a chore.

Picture of the winter wonderland Chez Moi.

Recently thanks to the very productive Tim Ferris I’ve been utilizing Evernote. It’s the perfect place to store all my stray thoughts and my home is no longer a sea of multi-coloured post-it’s and newspaper clippings. Thanks Evernote, thanks to you I’m no longer in danger of being featured on an episode of Horders Canada.

What I love most about Evernote is that I it has a reliable app for every platform I use so it’s available seamlessly everywhere I need it to be. Now second best thing, I can email post my blog updates via email. Seriously, if you’re not using Evernote you really should get on that.

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