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Great article on how to get dug on Digg by

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For some reason I have turned a blind eye to Digg because well…no good reason really. So call it late bandwagon-jumping but lately I’ve been finding myself using more often as well as taking the time to actually vote for articles that I find of value. Gino Orlandi from has made a good list for those looking to make more use of’s value in Social Media applications.


Upcoming Social Media Conferences for 2009

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Thanks to Brian Solis for pointing out on Twitter that there is a lovely new post on with a calendar of Social Media conferences upcoming in 2009. I’m not a huge resolution person but this year – this will be the year of travel. Also with the guise of it being “business related” I can justify using the time this way.


Brand New Thingi Review: Syncplicity – file synchronization, backup & sharing

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In my goal to find the perfect solution of being able to sync and have access to files wherever and whenever I please I’ve stumbled upon Syncplicity. Its very pretty demo claims that it will not only be able to store my info online securely, but also make the whole process less of a pain. There are other options out there that I’m currently also taking a look at but this one looks promising.