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Avoid Info Overload! Selective Information is the way to go.

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Need to know just the basics on a topic? Just the facts ‘mam? Try AllTop. I’ll admit I don’t read my favorite news sources as much as I would like, frankly because there are not enough hours in the day and I’d rather watch Family Guy. This is a lovely little RSS updated cheat sheet on major topics such as Politics, SEO Innovations to Beer. Gaked from one of my favorite gals The Barganista.


So for when you know….run out of words….

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Mark Forbes was kind enough to introduce me to a neat little widget that I haven’t seen since its Beta version many moons ago.  Its a trippy thesaurus! Forget the analog and check out this cool tool when you need another word for the obvious.  Really handy when trying to find out another word combo for a domain name, as I was with new client (cool website and detailed info to follow in a few weeks).  Give Visual Thesaurus a try.