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Summertime – not the time to be taking it easy

Filed under: Uncategorized — qwe345 @ 9:14 am July 15, 2008

So today is an absolutely beautiful morning here in downtown Toronto.  The sun is shining – but not too much, and the temperature is warm – though not too hot.  Watching all the people slowly walk on by in Leslieville it’s really easy to want to take it easy, especially in light of all the other summer distractions that are available.  However, summer also provides a great opportunity during these slow times for entrepreneurs to catch up on working on the extras in your business.  Typically for most businesses summer is a bit of a slower time as many people are away on vacations or taking it easy in other ways.  Summer though is a great time though to work on the little extras that will make your business thrive.  Take advantage of these slower times to update your contact lists – specifically check in with them and see how they are doing.  Also this is a good time to review your business plan’s marketing and operations section.  It’s a bit like walking down memory lane to see where you thought your business was heading and seeing how things actually played out.  Maybe there are some great ideas in there waiting to be implemented that you have put aside for lack of time.  If so, take this slow period to have fun and get creative.