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Last Week in Review – Adele and Axl

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Two forgotton things from the 80′s looking for a comeback.  Dr.  Pepper apparently is so interested in getting Axl Rose to release a new Guns n’ Roses cd that they have offered to give the incentive of passing out free Dr. Pepper’s to the population of the US.  Well that’s unsusal. 

 Saw british phenom Adele live in concert at the Rivoli where she promptly broke my heart with an accustic version of Make You Feel My Love.  The concert itself was a bit too short for my taste, but no complaints were heard from the crowd leaving because every minute that she did perform was fantastic.  With her cute banter between songs she seems like someone you want to have a pint with or keep her in a little box where you take her out sometimes and hug and pinch her cheeks.  I know.  I am a bit weird.


Welcome to new client Desperately Different

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Desperately DifferentKeep an eye open for fashion label Desperately Different designed by Katya Revenko. This line of quality women’s wear will soon release its Spring 08 collection to your favourite local boutiques such as Pho Pa and Model Citizen.


PR – The Good – Diageo and Guinness

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone and I hope that everyone is having a good ole time.  This day of the year something always comes to mind… Guinness.  After all I met my husband because of Guinness (long and not a very bad story) and one of my favorite companies to keep an eye on is Diageo.  They are the brewers of the number one selling stout in the world and overall one of the top recognizable alcohol brands in the world.

And for one day of the year, most of the population of beer drinkers around the world have at least one pint of it. 

I can only imagine what their corporate offices look like today.  It must be like Christmas morning with everyone waiting at their desks for all the final numbers to come in.



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Its an image that is as olde school as they get – the State Farm Insurance logo.  Whithout doing an official poll, I feel comfortable in saying/concluding  that it is one of the un-sexiest logos out there.  Their new marketing campaign, which you may have seen in recent print publications is an evokative urban image of various situations.  The one I see most often, is a bike locked to one bike wheel hanging lonley at a downtown street corner.  The only text is that of

I love that this new campaign of State Farm attempts to connect to a new audience that are not so interested in insuring the family car and adding new drivers.  But instead are looking for insurance for their laptop while on the go as well as learning the insides and outs of content insurance when you are renting.


Now posting to Twitter

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One of the fantastic things that I got addicted to at Podcamp Toronto last week has to be Twitter.  If you are already on – feel free to add me @michellejose. Now with the great plugin for WordPress made at Twitter Updater I can keep everything up to date.