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As you can see by my sidebar, I took a break from blogging for….well almost 4 years. Why? Partly nothing to say, other part pure laziness. This time around I’m determined to use some of the fantastic tools out there to make the whole process less of a chore.

Picture of the winter wonderland Chez Moi.

Recently thanks to the very productive Tim Ferris I’ve been utilizing Evernote. It’s the perfect place to store all my stray thoughts and my home is no longer a sea of multi-coloured post-it’s and newspaper clippings. Thanks Evernote, thanks to you I’m no longer in danger of being featured on an episode of Horders Canada.

What I love most about Evernote is that I it has a reliable app for every platform I use so it’s available seamlessly everywhere I need it to be. Now second best thing, I can email post my blog updates via email. Seriously, if you’re not using Evernote you really should get on that.

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Blog Review: “There’s always a reason to bake!”

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theres_always_a_reason_to_bake Now back from my trip to Europe and a short sojourn in Paris; I’ve found its time to come to grips with one of my secret loves…desserts.  So after returning back to Toronto from one of the cake/pastry/candy/chocolate centres of the world I find myself looking for more recipes online and checking out the world of food blogs.  Today’s blog makes my mouth water – ’cause there’s cupcakes of course!  Its a relatively new blog written by author Wendy Paul and has great tips on why your cupcakes are not as perfect as hers (certainly mine aren’t).  Its a Blogger based backend and her theme expertly exudes the fun and sweetness of what I imagine a 50s style bakery would look like.


Finally! The hope of dietary validation for my love of meat

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I love Tim Ferriss’ blog The Four Hour Workweek.  Its usually about lifehacking and getting things done, though recently with Tim working on a new book on athletic performance the tone has moved more towards health and nutrition.

This is something that I have been working on myself as I’ve recently discovered that starting your own business sometimes results in a phenomenon like The Freshmen 15…hmm the entrepreneurial 8?  Either way, both have resulted in unexpected weight gain for me.  In paying more attention as to what I’ve been putting in my body I found this latest article very interesting as it advocates eating more meat.

Mmmm meat….

As a fan of The Meat I think that this definitely warrants some further exploration.

Check out the article here.


Getting ready for Snow Leopard

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In the last year something has happened that I would have never imagined – I have become a Mac User.  Not just a person who uses a mac, I’ve been on and off the mac operating system as a matter of necessity for over 10 years now.  However over the last year I’ve been finding that work wise my MacBook has been what I have been relying on more to get the job done on a daily basis.  With the newest version of the Mac OS available, I’ve been checking out what needs to be done housekeeping-wise to transfer to Snow Leopard.

Tuaw has a great article on tips on things to do before making the move to upgrade.


New posts and new format on its way for

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Its been a long time since I’ve updated this particular blog.  Work had got busy and and this blog fell by the wayside.  Not any more though.  Expect more frequent posts and some new directions.


Great article on how to get dug on Digg by

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For some reason I have turned a blind eye to Digg because well…no good reason really. So call it late bandwagon-jumping but lately I’ve been finding myself using more often as well as taking the time to actually vote for articles that I find of value. Gino Orlandi from has made a good list for those looking to make more use of’s value in Social Media applications.


Upcoming Social Media Conferences for 2009

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Thanks to Brian Solis for pointing out on Twitter that there is a lovely new post on with a calendar of Social Media conferences upcoming in 2009. I’m not a huge resolution person but this year – this will be the year of travel. Also with the guise of it being “business related” I can justify using the time this way.


Brand New Thingi Review: Syncplicity – file synchronization, backup & sharing

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In my goal to find the perfect solution of being able to sync and have access to files wherever and whenever I please I’ve stumbled upon Syncplicity. Its very pretty demo claims that it will not only be able to store my info online securely, but also make the whole process less of a pain. There are other options out there that I’m currently also taking a look at but this one looks promising.


Going to be at International Pop Overthrow for the next few days.

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If you are looking for me or anything interesting to do over the next few days try International Pop Overthrow first. It will be on Wednesday to Saturday of this week and be featuring over 30 bands that hail from Toronto and abroad. For more information visit their site. Also the band “See Spot Run”, whose song “Weightless” I loved circa 2001, is reuniting for this as well. Lovely!


Avoid Info Overload! Selective Information is the way to go.

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Need to know just the basics on a topic? Just the facts ‘mam? Try AllTop. I’ll admit I don’t read my favorite news sources as much as I would like, frankly because there are not enough hours in the day and I’d rather watch Family Guy. This is a lovely little RSS updated cheat sheet on major topics such as Politics, SEO Innovations to Beer. Gaked from one of my favorite gals The Barganista.

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